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Texas girl in Hawaii, I love my man, gardening, art, tattoos, gold everything, glitter, pugs, bicycles, fly kicks, and flyer nailz. you better werk, girl.


seriously, what the fuck is it about me and fabulous gay black christian cab drivers in Honolulu? they seem to find me every time I need a ride. tonight will make it the 3rd time I’ve hailed a cab that has been driven by a fierce, large, gay black man spouting the word of the Great Lord. we go together like cornbread and chili baby! amen!

tonight Kris ended up tattooing this┬ábig┬ápolynesian piece kind of late so I decided to work on my flash instead of racing to clean because I figured I’d be late either way. I finish doing an immaculate job of cleaning to the shop to the point where I can actually some sparkling coming off the floor. if you don’t know me real well, I take cleaning very seriously but even more so at work. I’m constantly dealing with gross biohazardous materials on the regular, so when it’s my night to close the shop I want everything cleaned to perfection. it makes the shop look good, everyone knows that I do an awesome job, and most of all it reassures customers that they are in a safe, sterile environment which is true. so, I cleaned like a motherfucker and proceed to leave work at 1am.

now it’s time to hail a cab to take me home because I missed the last bus but I don’t mind because I made good tips and it’s nice to treat myself to a cab now and again. I see one pulling away and I wave frantically at him, he pulls over and stops and I hear this girlish voice say “lord girl, you are a ravishing creature and a sister of Jesus! where can I take you tonight?” I shit you not, those were his words. and as far as ravishing, maybe when I got to work but that was 8 hours ago so at this point I know I am disheveled and sweaty. but he continues to tell me I am fabulous, I look fabulous, and pray to Jesus…..haha WTF. so as he drives me to my humble abode we start talking about again how great and fashionable I am to him, and how he’s a religious studies major. he also invited me to his church, told me I am a powerful woman whose words will affect a great many people, and he knocked down my cab fair to only $5. AMEN TO THA LORD YALL!!! he was an absolute amazing creature and made the ride home amazing. yay for me always getting the best cab rides home! HALLELU BABY!! <3

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